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Bug Hunting

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Bug Hunting

Bug Hunting

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Type: Card Game
Number of players: 3 - 6 (Variation for 2 players)
Age of players: 7+
Playing time: 20 minutes

Language Available: English, Korean, Japanese (Deutsch and French reference cards included.)
Contents: 60 cards
Suggested Retail: 17 USD
Status: Released (For Sale)

Game Description:
All the time tiny bugs were seen whenever we played outdoors in childhood. Sometimes by homework, and sometimes by curiosity, we used to catch bugs with friends. But these days, especially in downtown, we can barely see the bugs. Furthermore, some kinds of bug are very rare. Now let’s meet the bugs evanescent and out of sight from us.
The players need to find various kinds of bug as the bug-hunters. We are not trying to collect bugs stuffed and exhibited. Rather, we study and preserve them for the better ecosystem. The conference will be held that everyone pay attention soon. Collect various bugs and be the best bug-hunter!

Designer: Tae-soon Yim
Illustrator: Tae-soon Yim

Game Rules (for download):
Korean: BugHunting_Rulebook_Korean.pdf
English: BugHunting_Rulebook_English.pdf
Japanese: BugHunting_Rulebook_Japanese.pdf
*The variation for 2 players included in the rule book..

Package: Bug Hunting has 2 kinds of box packages - Red & Green. The contents are same but only the box designs are different. Choose your favorite style :)

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