We make Board Games!
Be a Boardgame Designer!

Do you have many ideas about board games? Have you ever made your own board game and played with friends? Welcome everyone who are interested in making board games. If you have a brilliant idea or prototype, try to publish new board game with Piece Craft!

Select Idea and Reward

If your idea fits the lineup of Piece Craft, the game will be published after tests. Your name will be printed on the box and manual as a game designer of Piece Craft. And you will receive royalties in accordance with the contract.

Be an Artist

Besides of game designers, we are also looking for artists - illustrator, graphic designer, editor, and so on. You can participate in publishing as a freelance. Your name will be printed on the product like as a game designer. Of course you will earn a reward.

How to Participate

If you want to be a designer, please post your idea on Make Boardgame board.
If you want to be an artist, please post your artwork on  Photo & Artwork board.
If you mind that your idea or artwork is open, please send email to webmaster. (welcome@piececraft.com)

* The above information may be amended according to company policy for the future.
* If you have any question about participation, please give inquiry on QnA board or email to welcome@piececraft.com.

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