We make Board Games!
E-mail : welcome@piececraft.com
Location : 106-804 LotteCastle No.1263, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, 152-770, Korea(South)
Phone : +82 70 8223 8457

Direction :

1. Use a space ship for coming to our galaxy.
2. Find Earth in the solar system, and then enter into the atmosphere and land at an area in Seoul, Korea.
3. You can use any kind of transportation in the downtown, but it migt be better to come by subway. We are located 100 meters away from the exit 1 of Guro station (line no.1). Please ask the way to a friendly lady or gentleman around!

You MUST make an appointment before visit us! Please send me e-mail rather than phone. We may very glad to meet you if you take something delicious to eat (optional).

For general inquiries about our games, or the use of website, please go to 'Community > QnA' menu on this website.
For business-related inquiries also, either partnership, volume orders or any other, please contact us by e-mail.
Thank you!

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