We make Board Games!

Piece Craft
"Make and Enjoy Together"
Piece Craft is a board game production company that has the motto "Make and Enjoy Together". Our goal is the creation of card games, board games(with piece, dice, and so on), and the new type games.

Explanation of Logo:
'Piece' of the company name means a unit on the game board, or each card in case of the card game. 'Craft' means strategy, technique, and so on. Consequently the meaning of our company name is 'the strategy with pieces or cards'. And the horizontal line at the bottom of the logo means the board, and the middle image made up of people form by circles means the piece on the board.

Profit structure and Use of proceeds:
'Design the board game >> Entrust the production to a manufacturer >> Board game sales to distributors'. The end consumers are able to purchase the game at each shop or distributor. Some of the net profit will be donated to World Food Programme and World Wildlife Fund.

Use our website in yourself:
Piece Craft pursues to make and enjoy Together. You're able to write your interesting idea on the 'Let's Create' menu in our website. Share your own game with others, and enjoy together. In addition if you have an excellent idea, you can make the real board game with us as a game designer. Anywhere in the world, you're able to be a member(a designer, artisit, and so on) of Piece Craft by participating in game design and artwork on the website.

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