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Homo Ludens   -   Man(homo) is the animal of Play(ludus).
We (Mankind) love to PLAY GAMES!!!
One of the most distinguishing factors of mankind from other species, at least I believe, is that we make games and know how to enjoy it. Why do we play games? To simply put, the nature of playing itself is very exciting, and we can also make our communication and interactions with others as we do so.

Board games keep its tradition.
Even with increasing number of online/computer games, the traditional board game still owns its unique offering to players. Those high-tech computer games, no matter how advanced they get, will never replace simple pleasure of ‘Talk’ and ‘Play’ that you can get from having one another side by side – why I love to make BOARD GAMES!!

Upon launch of this site, rather than a big business prospects or large financial returns, I wish for people to experience real pleasures of ‘communicating with interactions’ by playing board games that we make.

Games are not that different from our lives. Each has rules and boundaries that we play by/within, and you make your endeavors that are conditioned in your own ways. There will always be a time to win or lose. Either case, it will continue without leaving the last winner. The point is to enjoy every moment you play, together with people that are involved in yours.

Enjoy the game!!! :)
- the President of Piece Craft   Tom Kim -   Signature

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