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ASRUS - Zodiac

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Type: Card Game
Number of players: 2 - 6 (3 or more recommended)
Age of players: 7+
Playing time: 15 minutes

Language Available: English, Korean
Contents: 55 cards
Suggested Retail: 7 USD
Status: Released (For Sale)

Game Description:
The stars have not been seen in the night sky for some time. Hereupon brave explorers sought the stars disappeared. You need to compete with other explorers and seek more constellations than them. Let’s go to seek quickly~ But, be careful not to collide with other spaceships!

Designer: Galgimuri
Illustrator: Galgimuri

Game Rules: ASRUS D.E. - manual1.2b En.pdf
(30.Aug.2012 Updated)
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