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Royal Turtle

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Royal Turtle

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Type: Card Game / Racing
Number of players: 2 - 4
Age of players: 7+
Playing time: 15 minutes

Language Available: English, Korean
Contents: 81 cards, 4 animal tokens and stikers
Suggested Retail: 10 USD
Status: Released (For Sale)

Game Description:
The new style racing game of animals! The rabbit has challenged to turtle for revenge match. Here, the duck and sheep also want to join the race. The royal turtle, who is the fastest turtle in the world, and the challengers - rabbit, duck, and sheep. Who will really be the winner of this competition?

Designer: Gun-hee Kim
Illustrator: Gun-hee Kim

Game Rules: Royal Turtle D.E. - manual1.2b En.pdf
(30.Aug.2012 Updated)
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