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Notice about the use of a free board.

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This place is a free board.

For convenience' sake, we classify categories as follows.


You are able to write any article about the daily life, games, humors, and so on.


House Rule
You are able to write the rules that make games more exciting. The game manual is just a reference, so you can make your own rules and play games in that method. If you have exciting rules - an additional rule to the present rules or absolutely new rules, and anything -, share it please. This means the rules for released games now. So, if you want to write the rules about whole new game, please use the 'Game Ideas' board in 'Let's Create' menu.
You are able to write the strategy that affect the winning or losing of the game. How to use the cards / pieces, which order or method you should choose, what case should be avoided, and so on. Of course, maybe there is no perfect solution. :)


But an article which includes the strong curses, personal abuse, advertisement, and other contents not suitable on this board can be deleted or moved to the other board by a supervisor.


Thank you.



List of Articles
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4 Strategy 차 지붕 위 불법조형물 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Sep 03, 2018 632
3 Strategy 잉크가 점점 안나옴 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Aug 27, 2018 758
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1 Strategy [아스루스] 디스턴스 - 특수카드의 전략적인 사용 [Level:17]Galgimuri Jul 24, 2009 35819
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