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Notice about the use of a free board.

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This place is a free board.

For convenience' sake, we classify categories as follows.


You are able to write any article about the daily life, games, humors, and so on.


House Rule
You are able to write the rules that make games more exciting. The game manual is just a reference, so you can make your own rules and play games in that method. If you have exciting rules - an additional rule to the present rules or absolutely new rules, and anything -, share it please. This means the rules for released games now. So, if you want to write the rules about whole new game, please use the 'Game Ideas' board in 'Let's Create' menu.
You are able to write the strategy that affect the winning or losing of the game. How to use the cards / pieces, which order or method you should choose, what case should be avoided, and so on. Of course, maybe there is no perfect solution. :)


But an article which includes the strong curses, personal abuse, advertisement, and other contents not suitable on this board can be deleted or moved to the other board by a supervisor.


Thank you.



List of Articles
No. Subject Author Date Views
» Notice about the use of a free board. [Level:30]Piece Craft Nov 21, 2008 324326
241 Scribble 보배 회원 중에 한 분이신거 같은데 찾아주세요 형님들 new [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 17, 2018 1
240 Scribble 외국인이 한글 숫자 세는 방법 new [Level:0]팔미온 Dec 16, 2018 5
239 Scribble 이탈리아 남자의 인심 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 13, 2018 16
238 Scribble 오늘도 어마어마한 대형선물들을 ㅎㄷㄷㄷ [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 12, 2018 20
237 Scribble ㅜㅜ 아내가 혼자 여행을 간다네요 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 11, 2018 26
236 Scribble 엄마의 재혼 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 10, 2018 39
235 Scribble 사과 인물 조각 [Level:0]팔미온 Dec 10, 2018 40
234 Scribble 이세상에서 가장 편한 직업ㅎㅎㅎ [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 07, 2018 70
233 Scribble 경리와 피씨방에서 단둘이.... [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 06, 2018 69
232 Scribble 헤어 체인지 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Dec 04, 2018 68
231 Scribble 특이한 바베큐 소품 [Level:0]팔미온 Dec 03, 2018 79
230 Scribble 가정에서 수건 1회용 인가요?? [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 30, 2018 138
229 Scribble 연예인 말을 흘려듣지 말자.jpg [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 29, 2018 153
228 Scribble 아찔한 케이블카 타는 방법 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 28, 2018 155
227 Scribble 20년만에 발견 된 희귀한 토끼 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 27, 2018 177
226 Scribble 오늘자 김연경 배구화 클로즈업 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 26, 2018 220
225 Scribble 과속방지스티커ㄷㄷ [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 23, 2018 236
224 Scribble 마~느그들 든킨드나츠 무반나? [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 22, 2018 211
223 Scribble 학교에서 똥마려울?? 9999999999%공감 [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 21, 2018 231
222 Scribble 국회공무원 퍼옴) 아 ㅅㅋ들 애들도 아니고... [Level:3]박제가된천재 Nov 20, 2018 220
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