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Type: Card Game
Number of players: 3 - 10 (4 or more recommended)
Age of players: 7+
Playing time: avg. 15 minutes

Language Available: English, Korean
Contents: 77 cards, 100 glass stones, rule booklet, portable pouch
Suggested Retail: 25 USD
Status: Released (For Sale)

Game Description:
ASRUS is an acronym for Astro-Ludus, which means ‘Game of the stars’. In the vast universe, players make own way toward the star. To approach the star as close as possible, each player should predict other’s strategy, make own strategy, and show each strategy at the same time. Just fall into the world of ASRUS there is the coexistence of the beauty of stars and the fierce psychological warfare!
Simple rules, cute characters, and glass stones twinkling like stars will enhance the enjoyment of the game. In addition, the skill of calculation and memory can be developed. Strategy, prediction, and chance will lead you to a victory.

Designer: Galgimuri
Illustrator: Galgimuri

Game Rules: Download PDF of game rules (Acrobat Reader is required)
ASRUS manual (English)
ASRUS manual (Deutsch)


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