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Figure Grand Prix

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Figure Grand Prix

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Organized by:
- Korea Creative Content Agency
- Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism

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Type: Board Game
Number of players: 2 - 5 (3 or more recommended)
Age of players: 8+
Playing time: avg. 30 minutes

Language Available: Korean, English, Deutsch, Japanese
Contents: 1 Game board, 72 Cards, 5 Player Markers, 5 Player Tokens,
          1 Starter Marker, 1 Die, 1 Scoring Book(30 Sheets), Rule Book
Suggested Retail: 39 USD
Status: Released (For Sale)

Game Description:
It's the world's first figure skating board game! Represent your country in the Figure Grand Prix. Who will be the figure skating queen in this competition?
Enjoy all the thrill and excitement of figure skating with this board game!

Designer: Gun-hee Kim
Illustrator: Hee-chan Kim
Editor: Galgimuri

Game Rules: Download PDF of game rules (Acrobat Reader is required)
Figure Grand Prix manual (English)
Figure Grand Prix manual (Deutsch)
Figure Grand Prix manual (Japanese)
Scoring Sheet:
Download Excel file and print for use of the scoring sheet


2014.02.06 20:30:42

Not recommend

채점시 트리플 악셀을 뛰면 1점을 추가해 주네요. ㅋ  (누가 겨우 1점 얻으려고 이럴까요... 20점 정도는 줘야지않나요? 스케이트 장에서 해야겠네요.)


[Level:30]Piece Craft

2014.11.18 03:12:02

무리하게 트리플 악셀을 시도하다 부상당하는 사태가 빈번히 발생할 것을 우려하여, 부득이 1점으로 정했습니다. (사실 100점 줘도 아깝지 않지만요!)

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